GRC Ecoearthsolutions

CHEMTREAT India Ltd., established in 1980, is a global leader in the field of corrosion management services and advanced material science. Driven by the need to be part of the challenging sustainability solution rather than the burgeoning global problem, Chemtreat took the route of innovation.

Eco Earth Solutions was born in 2010 and with it, a range of products that are destined to be game changers in the construction, architecture and interior designing businesses.

A result of sharp analytical minds, cutting edge research, keen understanding of consumer needs and corporate responsibility towards the environment. These world class alternatives to natural resource based products, that eventually damage the environment irreparably, are ideas for a brave new world. They set new global standards with their aesthetic appeal, exceptional functionality, flexibility in application and extreme durability.

It is not just an answer to the universal problem of depleting natural resources, these products will change the way the construction industry does business, by cutting costs, reducing the dependability on natural resources, increasing standardization, offering customization and bringing in technological innovation to the industry.

The Eco Earth Solutions team consists of senior level managers and production personnel with an extremely vast experience in the field of advance composite production and installation on some of the most prestigious projects in the country.

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