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Aluminium HoneyComb Panel

If it’s good enough for aerospace... It’s great for you. It is the material that the aerospace industry relies heavily upon. Ecocomb aluminium honeycomb panels have the best strength to weight ratio of any construction material available. Lightweight, stiff, resistant to fire, compression and corrosion proof, this wonder of modern technology can be used for Architectural applications like interior walls, floors, ceilings, doors, partitions, facades, elevator panels, store graphic display panels, tables, shelving, etc. Ecocomb panels are made from aluminium honeycomb core expanded into a hexagonal structure sandwiched by the aluminum facings which are then bonded together by a layer of adhesive.

Super strong lightweight

Ecocomb aluminium honeycomb panels offer ease of installation due to their flatness, strength, rigidity and increased safety due to the aluminum panel’s light weight. They are resistant to fatigue and shock, resistant to chemical weathering, corrosion and fire, recyclable and used for thermal and acoustic insulation too!
Ecocomb being one of the most versatile materials available, has applications that are numerous and in very different sectors. The product is mainly used as structural reinforcement for the nautical sector, rail, automotive, military and aerospace.
In the construction sector, it is used as a core for sandwich panels: floors, ceilings, doors, partitions, facades, etc.

3D Glass Fiber Sandwich Panels

A completely new material, which consists of two deck layers bonded together by vertical piles; these piles are woven into the deck layers thus forming an integral sandwich structure. Warp direction shows 8 – shape as a typical structure characteristic.
Available in varying thicknesses and widths, 3D Glass Fiber Sandwich Panels can be customized with various skins, to meet your business and technical requirements. It has a series of advantages like light-weight, corrosion resistance, high specific strength and modulus, high impact damage tolerance etc. It is a new type of energy-saving, environment-friendly reinforcement with high-tech content.

Foam Sandwich Panels

These panels are a combination of structural foam core material with various skin combinations such as fire resistant/ fire proof MgO Boards or Polymer Matrix Composite skins or any other customized requirement. Foam Sandwich panels are the conventional material used for wall and partition constructions.
The cellular structure acts as noise and vibration dampener and thermal insulator making it highly useful as a partition in the construction and transport industries. Due to its light weight & mechanical characteristics it has diverse applications across industries. It is the best material for plants, hotels, office buildings and public constructions. In addition, they are used for compartments, bathrooms, kitchens and the inner and outer walls in housing projects.

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