Our Management

Mr. Mukul Gupta

Mr. Mukul Gupta, dynamic technocrat and renowned Corrosion Technologist, is the man behind Chemtreat India Limited, a leader in the field of comprehensive anti-corrosion solutions, and has spent decades implementing the most effective and reliable corrective measures for corrosion control.

Armed with a 30 year experience in the field of corrosion management, a deep

understanding of the science behind the problem, expertise in composite technologies and having a predilection for materials of the future, Mr. Mukul Gupta, went on to introduce Eco Earth Solutions.

This company involves itself in the research and manufacture of an unparalleled range of innovative, eco-friendly products, made from 100% recyclable material, which are as anticipated, corrosion free and help address the global concerns of depleting natural resources.

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Mr. Ankit Gupta

Mr. Ankit Gupta, has a B.S. Degree in Polymers and Coating from the North Dakota State University and an M.S. in Corrosion Control Engineering from the University of Manchester. A strong foundation for someone, on whom lay the onus of building upon the brand equity and goodwill of the Chemtreat House, while bringing never before witnessed revolution and innovation to the country.

Mr. Ankit Gupta, gauged that it was imperative to improve upon existing technology but on a more ecologically sustainable model, and given his keen interest in new generation Advanced Material Science, the country soon had its first indigenously produced range of sustainable products for the construction industry. Products with an extended life cycle, developed through methodical research and with the sole purpose of conserving the environment.

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Management Team

The day to day running of the business is done by a hand picked, professional and highly qualified management team who are supported by an equally qualified and highly technical team on the production side. Periodic formal management training and development, with specific focus on Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Crisis Management, Operational and Contingency Planning, Budgeting, Innovation and Leadership skills, helps keep the team focused. While a clearly defined, planned system of organized control, including precise objectives, targets, measures, evaluation, and rewards, keep them motivated and enthusiastic. All in all, an efficient, well oiled machinery to produce high quality products of international standards that adhere to the strictest QC checks.
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